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      請百度搜索浙江寶為科技有限公司  官網找到我們!



      文字:[大][中][小] 手機頁面二維碼 2017/5/26     瀏覽次數:    




            公司秉承 “為客戶創造價值、為員工創造機會、為社會創造效益”的核心價值觀愿與國內外合作伙伴共同發展,為客戶、員工、股東創造價值,用優異的業績回報社會及所有的利益相關者。


      Zhejiang WBW Technology Co., Ltd.is an innovative company dedicated to providing customers with all-round, reliable and excellent solutions for valves, pipe fittings and mechanical equipment. The company has won the market reputation by implementing strict product and inspection standards and good service. It has become an excellent supplier in the field and a reliable partner of customers, "Project manager" who can be entrusted.

      The company pays attention to the health and safety of customers, shareholders, employees, environment and the community where it operates, and provides products and services to customers in a responsible manner. 

      Valve products provided by the company include gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, balance valve, hydraulic control valve, regulating valve, filter, plug valve, drain valve, etc., with diameter of 1 / 4 "~ 80" (dn6-dn2000mm), pressure rating of 150lb-2500lb (0.1mpa-42mpa), Working temperature: - 196 ℃ ~ 680 ℃, driving mode: manual, worm gear, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc. the main materials are nodular cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, alloy steel, Monel, special steel, etc. the international advanced standards such as Chinese GB, American API / ANSI, German DIN, British BS, French NF, Japan JIS / JPI and other international advanced standards are adopted, and various special products can be manufactured according to the user"s requirements Valves are widely used in construction, building, municipal, water, petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, natural gas, shipbuilding, papermaking, medicine, food, mining, air separation, urban heating, HVAC, fire protection, environmental protection and other fields.

      Adhering to the core values of "creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees and creating benefits for society", the company is willing to develop together with domestic and foreign partners, create value for customers, employees and shareholders, and repay the society and all stakeholders with excellent performance.

      0573-8268 9418