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      請百度搜索浙江寶為科技有限公司  官網找到我們!


      4、對每個閥門建立獨立系列號(I.D.NO :)管制,在閥門的壽命周期內實行跟蹤服務。 


      1, fully communicate with customers, understand the customer service requirements. If necessary, will assist customers to choose the valve and material, specifications, installation, operation, maintenance instructions.

      2, establish customer files, according to the order of person tracking, implementation of customer"s every service needs.

      3, in the production of goods during the process, accept the customer"s progress, quality inquiries and any other consultation.

      4, set up independent serial number for each valve (I.D.NO

      (control). Follow up service in the life cycle of valves.

      5, for the correct installation and use of customers, will provide installation operation instructions.

      6, ensure strict performance, cash product "three package" service. Under the correct installation and use of the customer, if the product quality problems occur, I guarantee the replacement within one month. The customer is not satisfied with the return within a week. Products sold within a year of repair.

      7, for the supply and use of the abnormal situation, regardless of the reasons, our company will first actively solve or help solve the problem, in order to ensure the duration of the project and normal use.

      8, the quality of the objection raised by customers, I guarantee that within 24 hours to deal with opinions. If the scene needs to be solved, ensure that the person sent to the scene to deal with, and to solve the problem is not solved, the service staff will not withdraw.

      0573-8268 9418